We craft brands by fusing strategy and photography into one­
– a union focused on elevating your business.

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The playground

The amount of information is accelerating. We live in an amazing world where anyone, anywhere can meet, share and interact. But it’s also a hunting arena for quick likes and recognition. Those who do not follow the stream stand out. We can help you choose a different path.

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It’s all about elevating your business

Art of Brand empowers brands with artistic visuals and emotional values. We create a unique expression for you that drives costumer desire and increases your margins.

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A fusion of strategy and photography

The founder Carl-Johan Ekberg has more than 20 years experience from creating visual strategies and international communication for global brands. Combined with photography skills and a passion for art, you get a unique opportunity to combine an efficient creative process with world-class output.

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Crafting process

People sharing a passion can create great things together. We believe that a straightforward creative process in close collaboration with the client will create a better output. We have multitalented people and tools to turn ideas into reality. Our drive is to make a difference for your business. We dream, we craft, we execute.

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When Art of Brand makes difference

 For start-up companies
Art of Brand can create the right value from start.
It’s hard to raise a price that was too low to begin with.

For investors
Art of brand can increase the value of your investment.

For businesses with owner or structural changes
Art of Brand can help you maintain the company’s soul.

For business that want to expand
Art of Brand can craft a strong visual language that works internationally.

And in all other businesses
For all those wanting something different compared to the status quo.
For costumers whose window of interest is shorter then ever and need strong emotional expressions.

Success Stories – Kia

Art of Brand has worked with Kia Motors since 2012 with concept, communication and photography. The goal is to make the brand attractive to families and people with active lifestyle. People who want to live rather than wash their luxury car every Sunday.


– Kia Motors has increased sales with more than 3000 cars every year since 2012.
– It’s now the sixth most sold car in Sweden 2015.
– In Q1 2016 Kia was even No 3 on the list. And the gap in marketshare to the competition is closing fast.


Success Stories – Schalins

Schalins of Sweden design and produce diamond rings for the domestic and international market. They produce over 72.000 rings and have a turnover of approx. 46 MSEK. Art of Brand developed a new strategy and brand language. The focus was to lift both design and quality and to raise the awareness of handmade and craftsmanship.


– Sales of gold and silver rings increased by 30% every year. In total: 120% since 2011.
– Schalins increase the sales of diamonds in carat with more than 500 % over 4 years.
– The company was sold in 2015 for three times the estimated value of 2011.


Success Stories – Lucardi

Lucardi is a chain of Dutch jewellery boutiques. In 2012 Art of Brand was chosen to create a strategy and new tonality with new jewellery photography and to design the consumer catalogue.


– Sales increased from eight rings to 88 rings sold every week.
– An increase of 1100 %


Success Stories – Yves Lansac Paris

Art of Brand developed new strategy, imagery and packaging, which was tested by focus groups. The positive results made it possible for the owners to double the price of the watches.


Success Stories – Lars Wallin

Art of Brand won gold in the Swedish Design Award 2014for Lars Wallin Jewelry. New graphic identity, imagery and strategy.